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Build your processes, systems, and software securely the first time around. 

Your challenges

We live in a cyber everywhere world where digital transformation initiatives continue to accelerate amid the emergence of increased threats and vulnerabilities. Organisations must increasingly rely on new and disruptive technologies to grow and differentiate themselves in the evolving marketplace. However, with a lack of effective security measures to help manage these changes, organisations face breaking the trust of their customers and the marketplace, while exposing themselves to ever increasing risk.

Our solution

It’s time for a fresh view on protecting your organisation: ensuring day-to-day resilience as well as a proactive, proportionate and strategic approach that considers risk and security from the outset.

You need to deploy the most appropriate cyber security controls – but with a wide range of options available, what is appropriate? This is where we help. Our experienced professionals make cyber security accessible and logical, supporting you with solutions that work.

This is how we create successful outcomes

A big differentiator is that we translate complex cyber security requirements into practical deliverables you can understand. We provide authentic and pragmatic support that establishes cyber security as a digital transformation enabler. Here are some of the benefits you can expect. 

unlock Unlock new opportunities Positioning cyber security as an enabler, we help you operate with confidence to make the most of today’s new opportunities.
security reduce risk

You get the right solutions to protect your business, from the outset. Our expertise ensures you evolve to meet new cyber threats and digital business strategies.

pounds cost effective Cyber security is expensive and getting it wrong even more so. Having a trusted and experienced partner saves you time, capital and reputation.
teamwork Scale your capabilities

We have the frameworks and experience to help you develop your cyber security strategy and implement it at pace, reducing your compliance costs.

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Service features

laptop cyber security consultancy Consider us an extended team. Supporting with day-to-day activities, transforming cyber security into a core enabler to the organisation.
business-man chief information security officer as a service

Bridging strategy and technical skills, the role of the CISO is more critical and demanding than ever, and effective leaders are in high demand.

design-thinking cyber security strategy Design and implementation of strategies to help you embed a successful cyber security operating model.
insurance-policy Mergers and acquisitions Support with understanding cyber maturity and risk levels of potential acquisitions. Our cyber due diligence protects you from a variety of financial and reputational risks.
shield frameworks & regulations Whether it is NIST, Cyber Essentials, NIS D or other standards, our teams have experience implementing against them. 
device iso 27001 Our consultants help implement policies, procedures and controls to ensure that certification to ISO 27001 is achieved, with minimal friction and maximum value.
cloud-computing Cloud security

Whether operating in public, private, or hybrid cloud environments, our consultants create preventative strategies and actions to combat threats to networked systems and applications.

computer security architecture

Our security architects translate your business requirements to executable security requirements. Utilising recognised frameworks, such as TOGAF to design, build, maintain and manage systems, securely.

ISO27001 service factsheet

Cyber security consultancy factsheet

CISO as a service factsheet

Where tmc3 works




We have a proud history of supporting government departments, local authorities, government agencies and healthcare organisations. Our teams have helped deliver DPO services and data protection change to UK authorities that have instigated real change in our society.

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From FTSE enterprise organisations to agile digital agencies, we have vast experience of helping to fuel advancement by demonstrating how things are – and then asking, how can they be made better?

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We help defence optimise cyber defences, assure systems and secure the move of legacy IT to the cloud. Whether it’s through Security Assurance Coordinators, JSP 604 Case Officers or Security Architects, we support the MoD and TLBs in achieving their missions.

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A safe pair of hands

Our team have a huge amount of experience and have the data protection and cyber security qualifications to back this is up. Professional development is a large part of our ethos and we always aim to have our team grow with us.


How we work

How we work is as important as what we do. Cyber security and data protection can be complex - we explain them in real business terms, so you can understand what it means for you. 

As a people focused business, our people care about your people. So much so that many customers think of us as an organic extension of their team, gauging our successes only by theirs. It’s a level of connection that the traditional consulting model just can’t match. 



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