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Delivering end-to-end programmes of change, helping organisations mature safely in the digital era by applying a cyber security lens to business strategy.


Our increasing digital existence generates a greater need to focus on cyber security. Not only to protect against constantly evolving threats and improve business resilience, but to unlock the growth which a strong cyber security strategy enables.

Investments in technology are essential to continue delivering public services but their quick adoption is forcing organisations to embark on complex programmes and play catch up on tackling the risks they have introduced. A new proactive and strategic approach is required, moving away from the implementation of point solutions and applying incremental change.


Whether starting from a low level of maturity or needing a refresh, our experienced consultants help organisations create a resilient, agile, and secure digital environment that supports the organisation's goals and operations.

Cyber security threats are constantly evolving; we go beyond addressing the challenges of today, to help organisations embed sustainable solutions to prepare for the challenges of the future. Organisations that enable trust in systems and data can take informed risks, adapt to disruptive change and embrace change and innovation with confidence and scale.

Delivering lasting change

As a Delivery Partner we bring together component capabilities to provide a tailored outcome, establishing wholesale improvements across an organisation through changes covering people, culture, policy, process and technology.

The stories featured in our Case Study Hub go beyond simply overcoming cyber threats. Our teams have been fortunate enough to lead and contribute to some of the most innovative programmes across several sectors, over the past 15 years.

Every organisation has its unique digital challenges. Dive into these stories and discover the transformative power of security done right.

How tmc3 creates successful outcomes

A big differentiator is that we translate complex cyber security requirements into practical deliverables you can understand. We provide authentic and pragmatic support that establishes cyber security as a digital transformation enabler. Here are some of the benefits you can expect. 

unlock=growth Unlock new opportunities Positioning cyber security as an enabler, we help you operate with confidence to make the most of today’s new opportunities.
security reduce risk

You get the right solutions to protect your business, from the outset. Our expertise ensures you evolve to meet new cyber threats and digital business strategies.

pounds cost effective Cyber security is expensive and getting it wrong even more so. Having a trusted and experienced partner saves you time, capital and reputation.
teamwork Scale your capabilities

We have the frameworks and experience to help you develop your cyber security strategy and implement it at pace, reducing your compliance costs.

Why you need a cyber delivery partner

Cyber security has moved from purely a function of IT, to becoming a board level agenda item. Ensuring the success and sustainability of a cyber programme requires the careful alignment with overall organisational needs and objectives, continually demonstrating the value of enabling secure digital business.

We understand how to structure and deliver cyber programmes which make sense to leaders of your organisation, to deliver lasting change. We start by looking at your business objectives, and then identify, prioritise and implement processes and solutions to maintain a consistent approach. Cyber security threats are constantly evolving; we go beyond addressing the challenges of today, to help you embed sustainable solutions to prepare for the challenges of the future.


Why choose tmc3?

Discover why leading public sector organisations trust tmc3 to help them thrive in the new digital world, driving both security and innovation with our expertly tailored cyber security solutions.

AdobeStock_614800397 (1) Integrated Partnership Choosing tmc3 means gaining a partner, not just a provider. Our team integrates seamlessly with yours, becoming a natural extension of your internal resources. This close collaboration fosters a deep understanding of your needs and results in highly customised and effective cyber security strategies.
AdobeStock_215484326 (1) Strategic Value Beyond Security

Our strategic focus extends beyond immediate security concerns to help your organisation leverage security as a foundation for innovation. In an era where cyber threats are constantly evolving, partnering with tmc3 allows you to not only secure your present but also strategically position your operations for future growth and success.

AdobeStock_304488935 (1) Proven Track Record We are proud of our proven track record in delivering substantial cyber security enhancements across various sectors, including government, healthcare, and critical national infrastructure. Our successful projects demonstrate our capability to initiate significant improvements in cyber security measures and protocols.
AdobeStock_76765078 (1) leading Expertise Our consultants are more than experts in their fields—they are pioneers who apply their knowledge to foster positive change. Continual professional development and a commitment to staying ahead of industry trends mean that you always have access to the forefront of cyber security practices.
AdobeStock_472261669 (1) Commitment to Excellence At tmc3, our drive for excellence is relentless. Passion and perseverance are at the core of our culture, ensuring that we meet challenges head-on and strive to deliver superior outcomes every time. You can trust in our dedication to not only meet but exceed your expectations.
AdobeStock_675758138 (1) Bespoke Cyber Security Solutions We know each organisation faces unique challenges. Our approach is tailored to align with specific operational goals and the intricate demands of public sector organisations. By blending deep business acumen with cutting-edge technological and security insights, we ensure that solutions not only safeguard your organisation but also boost operational productivity.


Service features

Our process involves rethinking and reshaping approaches to digital processes, capabilities. policies, use of data, implementing new technologies and strengthening cyber culture.

laptop business-led cyber security transformation Careful alignment of the cyber transformation programme with overall business needs and objectives, continually demonstrating the value, of enabling secure digital business.
business-man chief information security officer as a service

Bridging strategy and technical skills, the role of the CISO is more critical and demanding than ever, and effective leaders are in high demand.

design-thinking cyber security strategy and roadmap Plan, build and optimise key cyber strategies and initiatives. Transform them into a manageable and timebound roadmap to accomplish milestones.
insurance-policy Compliance management and risk quantification Meet regulatory requirements and sustain compliance with a well-designed and executed cyber function and effective risk management and quantification.
shield frameworks & regulations Whether it is NIST, Cyber Essentials, NIS D or other standards, our teams have experience implementing against them. 
device Programme assessment Determine if your cyber programme is positioned to secure your current as well as longer-term business interests amidst an evolving threat and regulatory landscape.
cloud-computing optimised security teams

Skills are in demand and finding top talent is a challenge. We help build high performing security teams to manage the range of challenges your business will face, on an on-going basis.

computer effective change

Establishing wholesale improvements across an organisation through changes covering people, policy, process and technology.

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What are the stages of cyber transformation

Every organisation has different outcome expectations from cyber transformation. Therefore, one of the most important steps of the cyber process is deciding your business’s short-term and long-term goals and objectives.
  • Stage 1 - Assess

    We rapidly assess and benchmark cyber security capabilities, identify gaps, understand exposure to cyber risks with a view to constructing a programme of work to effectively reduce those risks. At this stage it is crucial to define and understand the cyber security frameworks and methodologies that will be used for the cyber transformation.

  • Stage 2 - Review and Plan

    Once expected outcomes are set and gaps have been identified, we conduct a review to determine overall maturity levels and agree the scope of the programme. We structure and plan a programme of work that delivers a combination of quick-win tactical enhancements and long-term strategic solutions that supports both the cyber security agenda and is sensitive to the needs and capacity for change within the organisation. 

  • Stage 3 - Strategy and Operating Model

    Central to the success of the cyber transformation programme is ensuring that it supports the organisations cyber security strategy. We help define a forward-looking and sustainable security strategy and roadmap in line with business objectives. We define the target operating model which will outline the services, organisational and governance measures required to sustain an effective security posture and realise the benefits of the cyber transformation.

  • Stage 4 - Implement and Remediate

    At this stage, we help integrate cyber security into business and IT processes leveraging digital identity, application, hybrid infrastructure capabilities, and build a cyber risk-aware culture across all levels of the organisation.  We help build and optimise key cyber processes and initiatives. Transform them into a manageable, timebound roadmap to accomplish milestones in agile sprints.

  • Stage 5 - Lessons Learnt and Continuous Improvement

    Whilst implementing your cyber transformation, we measure key metrics that provide insight into how effective the programme is. We validate success, identify improvements and ensure maturity has increased, or the cyber risk has reduced. Cyber threats, technology and best practice are ever evolving, which means it's important for cyber security to evolve with it. We embed continuous improvement activities into business as usual to ensure a future-ready cyber security strategy.

Where we've done this before




We have a proud history of supporting government departments, government agencies, police forces and healthcare organisations. Our teams have helped deliver change to UK authorities, instigating fundamental differences in our society.

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Critical National Infrastructure

Critical National Infrastructure

We help CNI organisations transform their digital capabilities to deliver accessible and resilient services that are better, more efficient and secure by design.

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We help defence optimise cyber defences, assure systems and secure the move of legacy IT to the cloud – whether through Security Assurance Coordinators, JSP 604 Case Officers or Security Architects, we support the MoD and TLBs in achieving their missions.

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A safe pair of hands

Our team have a huge amount of experience and have the data protection and cyber security qualifications to back this is up. Professional development is a large part of our ethos and we always aim to have our team grow with us.




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