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Boutique customer service. Enterprise experience.

We are in this together

Ongoing partnership

A monthly partnership means you can use us as your entire cyber security and data protection function, providing a mix of our expertise or just a few extra brains to get you across the finish line. We’ll handle as much or as little as you want — plus a little more, for good measure.

A businesses evolution is never complete and having trusted expertise on hand can address risks before they become issues. For this reason, most of our customers choose to take advantage of an ongoing partnership.


collaboration collaboration No matter the project, no matter the scope. A partnership with tmc3 means exactly that: a partnership. We work on monthly subscription plans that couple you with a highly skilled team to help strengthen your cyber maturity, address risk and respond to industry trends — all in real time.
infinity no scopes
Go ahead. Ask away. Scopes have a time and a place, but we’ll never let them get in the way of doing good work. Use your allocated days and services to meet your priorities. No change orders, no surprises. We’re flexible with the way we work, and we’re ready to pivot to your needs.
directions flexibility
Always to scale. Industries change. Goals adjust. Businesses evolve. No matter where you are with our services, we can ramp it up or dial it back. When deadlines shift, so do we — we're finely tuned to your needs and prepped to accommodate change.

Customer Feedback

Consulting is more than giving advice

Our approach

We believe working with a consulting firm doesn’t have to be hard, so we make it easy. We bring:

  • a collaborative approach to problem-solving, knowing when to talk and when to listen.
  • explaning cyber security and data protection in real business terms, so you can understand what it means for you.
  • an ideal blend of business, security and technology skills backed by a wide range of talent.
  • a seriousness about budgets and timelines with the same sensitivity we apply to our own business.
  • a team that stays with you every step of the way thanks to leading retention rates.

We always look to address challenges in the right way. Whether leading complex enterprise security transformation programmes, dealing with legacy IT in Defence or managing understaffed data protection teams in local government, our teams have been in your shoes. This is why we get it, we’ve felt your pain.

By working openly and transparently, we support teams to gain the skills they need to work across cyber security delivery, building the right skills and experience that will be retained in the organisation.

We believe success comes from working together to do good work and serve those around us.

Clear requirements, invaluable deliverables


Do you have specific project requirements or challenges to be addressed? Try us on for size with a outcome-based project built on a defined scope of work. In an increasingly agile environment, intensified by rapid digital innovation, you expect more value, higher quality of work and faster delivery of solutions and services - outcome-based provides this and more.

Most outcome-based projects evolve into long-term relationships after customers see how we work.

development PROJECT WORK Whether you have a well defined project plan or need support to scope a particular set of challenges, we are here to help you create positive outcomes. Always working collaboratively, our teams can lead your project or embed our services and team into an existing project - the choice is always yours.
clipboard defined outcomes

With a clear timeline, agreed deliverables and transparent acceptance criteria, your defined outcomes are guaranteed to be delivered.

Our approach is to ensure complete transparency and accountability in work delivered, guaranteeing the benefits and value of our solutions are clearly displayed.

fist-bump TRY US OUT How about a project or two before you fully commit? Hand us your most pressing cyber security need, data protection goal or compliance problem and we’ll let the results do the talking.

See how tmc3 can help you

What to expect when we work with you 

A big differentiator for us is that we translate complex cyber security, data protection and compliance requirements into practical deliverables you can understand. We provide authentic and pragmatic support. Here are some of the ways we work.

partnership You get answers and see short-term wins, long-term benefits We ask tough questions, lead crucial conversations, and look at the problem from all angles to come up with creative solutions. We show you results as we go, and work together to plan for the future.
Solutions-to-problems You get solutions that are yours to keep, last and grow with you

We blend our cyber security and data protection experts with your team to uncover answers that are just right for you. We pass on our knowledge so you’re more confident in driving results long after our engagement has concluded.

problem-solving You get a partner that’s on your team and keeps it authentic We guide you in the right direction, while putting you in the driver’s seat – because we’re better together. We’re honest with you and do what we say we will because our relationship with you matters most.

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