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Unlocking the Power of AI for Cyber Resilience

It is undeniable that the famous quote from Spider-Man, "With great power, there must also come great responsibility," holds true when applied to the realm of AI and Machine Learning. These groundbreaking technologies have firmly established their presence and are continuously gaining momentum in today's world.

So, given their immense capabilities, what role could AI play in the fight against cybercrime, and how can we leverage its power for good? As networks expand and the number of endpoints multiplies, identifying anomalies and vulnerabilities can feel like looking for a needle in a haystack, but with AI, that could change. 

AI accelerates threat detection and response mechanisms while sifting through mammoth data sets. This is critical to cyber resilience. By using organisational-specific algorithms, security tools can deploy automatic remediations to any breaches, alert the appropriate teams and keep the affected parts of the network contained.

Speed of response to cyber threats with AI 

With AI and machine learning, analysis occurs in real-time and at high speed. Security analysts can use them to uncover contextual issues: How did the incident start? What was the effect? How could this have been prevented?

Additionally, security teams can reduce false positives and proactively identify otherwise unknown security threats. With the help of intelligent systems, thousands of events can be filtered each day. 

Organisations with large amounts of data, both from internal sources and external users – like customers, can screen this information and give their IT teams a greater and more realistic insight into the health of the company's network.

A double-edged sword 

AI is a formidable tool that both threat actors and defenders use to their advantage. Read: What Could ChatGPT and AI Mean for Cyber Security? Cybercriminals are sharpening their skills, wielding deepfake technology and engineering social tactics to infiltrate networks to target specific users or devices.

The ongoing threats of compromised credentials, phishing attacks and account breaches loom over businesses' digital assets and their networks. However, companies can harness AI to boost their cyber resilience through enhanced authentication and access controls. 

By ensuring the right people have the proper access, data-driven behavioural assessments sweep networks, verifying the legitimacy of users. AI-driven security systems can scrutinise their behaviour, swiftly identifying and prioritising any irregularities, thereby minimising potential damage. 

Reinforcing your IT team with AI 

AI technologies can bridge the gap where there is a skills or numbers shortage. Right now, cyber security teams need to respond quickly to all security threats. For any organisation whose in-house team is still learning or growing, using AI and machine learning can counterbalance any shortage.

Basic cyber security tasks can be automated, giving IT teams room to improve their skills and focus on teaching and customising the AI tools. In this way, their security systems become more aligned with their unique business requirements and digital infrastructure. 

Powering up your cyber resilience 

There needs to be a strong defence against the constantly evolving cyber security threats to businesses. This means finding and correcting problems faster, minimising the cost of data breaches and ensuring minimal system downtime.

AI simplifies the complexities of cyber security, making it accessible to a broader audience. 

At tmc3, we understand that in today's world, the key to resilience lies in harnessing the potential of AI and machine learning. By partnering with us, you're not just securing your digital assets; you're equipping your company to thrive amidst challenges that are constantly evolving. If you'd like a hand on your route to cyber resilience, we can help.

I love to help organisations solve data protection challenges. To do this, I transform security and data privacy from being necessary overheads to becoming business enablers. I have enjoyed many leadership roles throughout my career in data privacy, information security, and risk management. I take pride in creating positive outcomes, with over 15 years' experience of exceeding expectations in high pressure environments, both domestically and internationally.